Friday, November 23, 2007

A Good New day

More than an year after. Keane, "Everybody's changing". Morpheus, "Some things never change". Anyway. Who gives a flying fuck. For what is worth, I don't. Can't fly, you see. Yesterday of all the streets in Budapest I got on Vaci Utca. Yeah, I know. But I was sick, the flu got me well and I was trying to get to a change and get some money to go home. So before that, just to make it a bit clearer, for several months I freak out on all LEICA stuff. I dream about the Noctilux, no kiddin'. Making plans to get the RED camera. Now when I recall that I was seriously thinking that bying the HVX is crazy, quite funny. So I do lousy pics with my Lumix just to learn how to work with Leica and then the next moment I get out of the change beaureau. Some forints in the pocket. I turn left to the square and I see the typical tourist trap, selling photos of Budapest. 250ft each. Cheap. I look at them, like three and as I bye them I ask the girl with the hat whether she took them. She nods and points with her head towards a guy, Zoltan. Looks like a beggar. I ask him "Nice pictures, what camera did you use." The guy says in bad English "Leica". I can't believe my ears. I say "Yeah, I really like the M8 but it is too expensive for me right now". The guy smiles and opens his bag "I have one here". There it was. An M8. With a zoom lens though. but nice. Later, I was thinking whether it was the Leica look of the pictures of Danube or it was just a random catch. At the end of the day, who doesn't have a Leica these days :).


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